My name is Ryan Vogen, Illustrator and Student of Fine Arts at Mason Gross School of the Arts. Here you can learn more about me, check out my work, subscribe to my email list and support my studies. Thanks for visiting!

A little about myself…

I am a traditional artist working primarily with charcoal and oil based mediums. I'm currently studying at Mason Gross School of the Arts, and enjoy experimenting with both traditional and novel techniques and materials. My most recent creations include very large murals and charcoal portraiture. I also teach painting at a local Paint & Sip studio.

I employ classical motifs juxtaposed with neo-popular and abstract subjects. Line work and detail approach the ultra realistic. I am known for my use of charcoal powders in conveying subtle and nuanced backgrounds. Artist Douglass Witmer awarded me the Jurors Choice Award at the 2017 Mercer County Artist Exhibition for my Subway Scene.


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A little about what I do...

Portrait Illustrator

My portraits reveal the character hidden within.


Big art for bigger impacts in public spaces.

Album/Book Covers

Setting to visuals what is not so visual.

Special Requests

Ready to create unique treasures on request.